• Shark Navy - Child
  • Shark Navy - Child
  • Shark Navy - Child

Shark Navy - Child



Saltwater Sandals are the perfect acompiment to Irish summers as they're designed to get wet! Whether it be splashing in rock pools or rainy day puddles these American import sandals will remain comfy, soft and stylish. Featuring rust free buckles and waterproof leather.

The shark style is a modern style with a urethane sole and enclosed toe perfect to avoid scrapes and scratches  the ankle strap allows them to remain secure on even narrow feet.

For size guide please print the following SIZE CHART at 100% scale (not fit to page/print) and measure the foot accordingly. 

Sizes will be listed in uk sizes but Saltwater sizing is usually US sizing so if you order a child's uk 5 expect to see CH6 on the sole. Please also email me with any queries. 

(sandals can also be tried on in our Cork City centre store) code CORKCOLLECT cancels shipping fee's for in-store collection.

Should you get a sore spot, dunk your foot & sandal into water (yes really!) and wear them until they dry. Remember, every model can be used as a swimming shoe and can be put through the washing machine on gentle cold wash.