• Loullou natural baby gym wooden danish design
  • Wooden Baby gym, Natural danish design
  • Loullou- 1st Baby Gym
  • Loullou- 1st Baby Gym
  • Loullou- 1st Baby Gym
  • Loullou- 1st Baby Gym
  • Scandi Baby gym Birch Ply by Loullou

Loullou- 1st Baby Gym

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A baby gym to truly delight and inspire babies and parents alike. Loullou are danish designers who craft unique and beautifully stylish childhood products to evoke imagination and nurture babies senses. 

This simple frame is a canvas for parents to hang ever changing favoured toys, silk scarves, teethers or a selection of Loullou charms on. It will bring young imaginations to life whilst encouraging little ones to explore and engage with their environment. 

It will also sit effortlessly in parents homes. With it's sleek design and Scandinavian lines it will enhance interiors and be a baby product you will honestly not want to put away. 

Assemble me: With an easy-to-build interlocking system You simply place the bar between the two frames - make sure the holes are facing down. Use the two wedges to hold the gym together. Give the wedges a knock to make sure the gym is fastened right. That's it!

Materials: 12mm. Untreated Birch plywood veneer. Wedges dyed with eco-friendly natural earth colors and treated with organic beeswax and walnut oil.

All charms and toy's are sold separately.

Meassurments: 450mm. X 450mm. 750mm.

Made in Denmark/Europe