• Liberty London changing clutch by homeyness
  • Neat compact luxury changing clutch danish designed

Liberty Print Changing Clutch - Queue for the Zoo

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Finally the most compact and exceptionally beautiful changing clutch. Danish designer Homeyness has really perfected the changing clutch here. It's sleek and compact while being extremely easy to use and beyond beautiful.

There is a fold out mat to lay your baby on and a fold out pocket for wipes and spare nappies (it holds up to four). Another cute feature is that when you lay your baby down on the water resistant inner mat the spare nappy pocket acts as a pillow.

The whole clutch can be easily rolled closed and secured with the elastic strap so it always closes securely weather is full of nappies and wipes or only holding one spare.  

You will be confident leaving the house with this in your handbag that not only will it be a joy to use it will have everything you need, when you need it. 

All cotton is Oeko -Tex 100%


Closed: 29 x 22 cm.
Open: 29 x 65 cm.

Waterproof inner layer
Wash at max 30 degrees.
Do not soak or tumble dry.