What makes a family home?

When I was pregnant with my first daughter I thoroughly embraced the transformation of my spare bedroom into a nursery. I came up with an elephant theme and revelled in the painting of the walls light grey, adding vibrant multicolour pops of coloured pieces, painstakingly sourced the perfect intricate Indian elephant wall decal. I truly made a nest for my unborn child and it almost formed the beginning of my relationship with her. As I would image what items would suit her room and therefore somehow suit her imagined personality.


When I was pregnant with my second daughter we’d moved home and I went about the whole nesting thing differently. Instead of creating a perfectly themed nursery (that I knew she wouldn’t sleep in). I created a nursery corner in our bedroom. I focused on an area to store her clothes, and beautiful art prints and wall hangings to transform our adult master bedroom into a place where she could sleep and be celebrated. 


I wanted to invest in pieces that would grow with our family. Babies are no longer fed, changed or even sleep the majority of the time in their bedrooms. This means “baby” items are constantly invading the sitting room, kitchen, or parents bedrooms. This is only perceived as a negative if there is no space allocated for them. The transformation of “adult” spaces in a home must be allowed to grow and adapt. Why not hang a beautifully designed mobile above your favourite chair in the sitting room, the place you will prefer to sit and feed your baby during the day. Welcome the change in mood that a fun and friendly art print brings to your kitchen as it says "a family lives here". 


If you start to play with the decor of your home in a way that reflects the coming together of all the homes occupants you really need to be selective in the products you choose. There is nothing more important than lighting a few candles and having a glass of wine once your kids are asleep in a space that makes you feel calm and grown up. Mountains of plastic toys, and cartoon characters peering back at you will soon kill the relaxed adult vibe. 


Storage baskets that are stylishly neutral and not aimed at children are great as they hide everything and once closed look like they fit back in the space occupied by the grown ups. Then choose fun, colourful but well designed pieces with clean silhouettes and lines. Items like our Fiona Walker England animal heads, neon cloud-lights by A Little Lovely Company, a collection of night lights on a shelf or  simple wall stickers.

Items like these will thrill and delight your children in a space designed around celebrating their fun and games but once asleep these pieces will sit comfortably and unobtrusively amongst you as parents as you shake off the day and relax into the childfree hours.